FREE Half-day Business Workshop
28 Oct, 9:30am - 1:30pm, Second Story Studios
If your dream is to do... 
the soulful work, make money doing what you love and make a positive impact in the world without having to spend years building it from scratch then join me in this workshop.

$21k before launching her business...
$6k within the first month of launch...
500+ people into her events ($40k revenue in a year)...
Book in now - Seats fill up fast!
Grab your tickets now and receive a free gift of complete Business Guide Book

"International Speaker, Global Leadership Consultant and Business Coach, Arabelle will take you through her Proven 8 Fundamental Steps that every business owner need in order to create a profitable business."
Here's what I'll show you in this workshop;
PART 1 - Foundation
  •  Getting crystal clear clarity on your message
  •  Positioning yourself as an expert
  •  Building a tribe that adores you
  •  Total clarity on the people you want to attract and impact in your biz
PART 2 - Leveraging
  •  Creating the epic content that sells 
  •  Launching your new business with ease and flow 
  •  Understanding on packaging and positioning
  •  Leveraging your time so you can do more with less
  •  Running retreats, workshops and seminars that are profitable (it’s not about the number of people!)
  •  Creating profit in your business even before you have launched it
PART 3 - Making it happen!
  •   Mindset hacks on removing emotional blocks, confidence and productivity
  •  Getting seen online with strategy 
  •  3 months strategy
  •  So much more! 
Within the first two months of launching her business, Laurie has signed up 12 clients, spoke at an event and landed several media opportunities. By the third month, she was fully booked and had to create a waiting list for the future clients.

"I knew nothing about marketing. The first thing we talked about was sales funnel and I was like WOW! Within one month, I’ve been able to get my name out there very quickly. I’ve got calls lined up - it’s all very exciting! I’ve also had offers to guest post for others.”

Laurie Griggs, Money Mentor, Budgeting Coach and the founder of Budget Beyond. 
"I started to regain confidence in myself and my services. It's hard to explain what I'm feeling. I am flying and nothing can stop me. I've started to believe in myself again. I've even developed a new company in the process. I'd recommend anyone who really wants to build a business to work with Arabelle. "

Sophie Solmini, Wellness Coach & CEO of Coach Sophie
"I made $21,000 before launching my business! Thank you for kicking my butt when I needed the most and taking me through all the steps. We have to celebrate soon because this won't happen without you. Love you!" - Aundria, Wealth Coach
Grab your tickets now and receive a free gift of complete Business Guide Book
Don't delay - Seats fill up fast!
>> 28 Oct, 9:30 - 1:30pm, Second Story Studios
Meet your host Arabelle Yee
As an internationally recognised Speaker, Life & Business Strategist and High-Performance Coach, Arabelle helps individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals become the best at what they do through the power of mindset. 

Born Buddhist, taught in ancient indigenous wisdom, trained in modern healing modalities and "A cross between Elizabeth Gilbert and Tony Robbins”, as her peers would say, Arabelle teaches about Leadership, Business and Mindset.

Arabelle is professionally qualified in clinical psychotherapy and with her personal experience from running a successful online business, combined with her background in Business (MBA, B.A and B.Sc), Arabelle has a unique method of helping people thrive in their life and business. 

Arabelle has also worked with clients from corporate professionals, business owners and change makers to multiple 7-figure entrepreneurs. She has also appeared on national medias as well as on online publications such as Sunday Times, The West Australian, 7 Days TV, 7 Days News, Huffington Post, Secrets in the Garden and many more.
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